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Toplevel and ScrollBar

Posted by Achilles (Achilles), 26 March 2005
Hi ,
     I am facing a strange prb  , all  I want to develop UI for USER to enter data corresponding to each field . Toplevel pop from MAIN WINDOW as an event and then I  use a   Label and Entry widget inside Canvas .But the problem is that i AM NOT ABLE TO LINK SCROLL BAR WITH THE CANVAS AS SUCH MY DATA IS not  BEING SHOWN PROPERLY .

HERE is the structure within toplevel:

             FRAME [
                        CANVAS(C) [ LABEL + ENTRY WIDGET ]    +

the SCROLLBAR (s)  is meant for CANVAS (c). Canvas(c) contains the LABEL + ENTRY widget and these two are being used for data entry by the USER.

Here's the CODE :

global SIGNAL_name VAR elements
 set f [toplevel .trace -background grey -height 9c -width 6c -takefocus 1]
  wm transient .trace . ;#restricting toplevel @ top
  wm title  .trace "TRACE"
  grab $f          ;#restricting events to toplevel
  #adding a Frame to Toplevel
  frame $f.f1 -highlightbackground black  -highlightthickness 1
  pack $f.f1  -side top  -fill both -expand 1
    scrollbar $f.f1.scroLLy -command { .trace.f1.signals yview } -width 8
   canvas $f.f1.signals -relief sunken  -width 4c -height 5c \
                -borderwidth 2 -yscrollcommand { .trace.f1.scroLLy set }
  pack $f.f1.signals -side left -fill y
   pack $f.f1.scroLLy -side left -fill y
    set temp1 [array startsearch VAR]
   set temp [array get SIGNAL_name]
      for {set i 0} {$i < $elements } {incr i} {
     set temp3 [ array nextelement VAR $temp1 ]
     $f.f1.signals create text 2c  ${i}c -text "$SIGNAL_name($temp3) $temp3"
all i want to know is how can I show a data using canvas( or any thing which has scroll bar option ) in toplevel

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 27 March 2005
You're using a lot of options there ... and I got a bit confused between the various bits and pieces.   So here's an example of a 400 x 400 canvas of which we're viewing 300 x 200 in a top level widget in a frame - very much your structure.  Tested, and it works.  The only "extra" here is the oval I've drawn in the canvas so that I can really see that it's scrolling. Looks like this in action:

button .quit -text quit -command exit
pack .quit
proc moveitx {args} {
       eval ".extra.frame.canvas xview $args"
       set nowat [.extra.frame.canvas xview]
       eval ".extra.frame.base set $nowat"
proc moveity {args} {
       eval ".extra.frame.canvas yview $args"
       set nowat [.extra.frame.canvas yview]
       eval ".extra.frame.right set $nowat"
toplevel .extra
frame .extra.frame
canvas .extra.frame.canvas -width 300 -height 200 \
       -scrollregion {0 0 400 400} -bg yellow
scrollbar .extra.frame.base -orient horizontal \
       -command moveitx
scrollbar .extra.frame.right -orient vertical \
       -command moveity
label .extra.frame.corner -text X
.extra.frame.base set 0 0.75
.extra.frame.right set 0 0.5
pack .extra.frame -fill both -expand true
grid .extra.frame.canvas .extra.frame.right -sticky news
grid .extra.frame.base .extra.frame.corner -sticky news
.extra.frame.canvas create oval 0 0 400 400 -fill blue

Posted by Achilles (Achilles), 28 March 2005
Thanks a lot Graham it solved half of my problem.

The only thing i want to know is :
 what widget can i use : which can accomodate both "Label"  , "Entry" widgets along with a "SCROLLBAR" .

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 29 March 2005
on 03/28/05 at 20:44:19, Achilles wrote:
The only thing i want to know is :
 what widget can i use : which can accomodate both "Label"  , "Entry" widgets along with a "SCROLLBAR" .

A frame

Posted by the_shannow (the_shannow), 9 June 2005
My aim is to make a scrolling graph (using BLT) with a horizontal scrollbar advancing as the points are being plotted. I used the exact same script as you did above, the only change i did was to insert in a BLT graph in the canvas instead of simply drawing a circle. The problem i gace is that the frame and the canvas inside it expand to the width of the graph. What i really want is the graph to be really long ( long enough that the entire range of points can be plotted as and when they are available), but at a certain point i only want a subset of these points to get displayed. The effect I am aiming to achieve is that of a graph whose history can be seen simply by scrolling the horizontal scroll bar.

My code: (which dosnt work   )

package require BLT

proc moveitx {args} {
      eval ".fr.c xview $args"
      set nowat [.fr.c xview]
      eval ".fr.hscroll set $nowat"

frame .fr
canvas .fr.c -scrollregion { 0 0 800 800} -width 400

scrollbar .fr.hscroll -orient horizontal -command moveitx
pack .fr.hscroll -side bottom -fill x

.fr.hscroll set 0 0.075
pack .fr -fill both -expand true
grid .fr.c -sticky news
grid .fr.hscroll -sticky news
blt::graph config -title {testing} -width 800
pack -padx 5 -pady 5

blt::vector xvec
blt::vector yvec

proc sleep {N} {
  after [expr {int($N * 1000)}]

xvec set {}
yvec set {} element create "Test" -xdata xvec -ydata yvec

set index "0"

for {set i 0} {$i < 25} {incr i} {

   xvec append [expr $index+1]
   yvec append [expr $index]
   set gwidth [expr $gwidth +50]
   set index [expr $index+1]
   sleep 0.5

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