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searching a string for tcl/tk

Posted by Duey (Duey), 27 February 2003
I want to search a string to see if it has in it how would i do this?

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 27 February 2003
I would use a regular expression match - the following line looks in an array element for the string you want:
    if {[regexp {\.co\.nz} $form(haystack)]} {

I've put this up for you to try at:

Full code of example:

set params [split $env(QUERY_STRING) &]
foreach par $params {
   set pair [split $par =]
   set name [lindex $pair 0]
   set value [lindex $pair 1]
   regsub -all \\\+ $value " " value
   regsub -all -nocase {%([0-9a-f][0-9a-f])} $value \
   {[format %c 0x\1]} value
   set form($name) [subst $value]
puts {content-type: text/html

<head><title>This is a Tcl script demo</title></head>
<body bgcolo = white><h1>Tcl Script running through CGI</h1>
<form>Please enter a string in which to look for
<input name=haystack><input type=submit></form><br>

if {[info exists form(haystack)]}  {
       if {[regexp {\.co\.nz} $form(haystack)]} {
               puts "$form(haystack) contains"
       } else {
               puts "Nothing from New Zealand found in $form(haystack)"
} else {
       puts "Your answer will appear here"

puts {
Example written by <a>Graham Ellis </a>

Posted by Duey (Duey), 28 February 2003
thanks man

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