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echoing commands while in interact

Posted by jaymzter (jaymzter), 3 March 2008
use expect to connect, then hand off control with interact. During the session we listen to run procs automatically for the user. Here's the example

proc ossi {} {
global home
global user
set scriptdir $home/
expect_user -re "(.*)\r"
set script [string trimleft $expect_out(1,string)]
set runcmd "$scriptdir/$script"
set logfilename $home/$script-[exec date +%H%M%S]
send script cmds here

spawn -noecho ssh $remote

interact {
       -echo "~ossi" {

everything works. The question centers around how the script "interacts" with the user. The user sees "~ossi" echoed to the screen, but not the name of the script they type in afterwards.

How do I enable echoing of the rest of what they type, as they type it?

P.S. - the way this is implemented, where I grab the user input within the proc, is the only way I could figure out how to capture the script args (in this case just a name) after invoking ossi.

Posted by jaymzter (jaymzter), 5 March 2008
I corrected this issue with a judicious use of the stty command within the proc

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