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Window is always on top. How?

Posted by triclosan (triclosan), 20 August 2005
Can Tk setup window of application always on top? Or how i can do this?

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 20 August 2005
Tk depends on the windowing systems and graphics of the system on which you're running it so that an answer for an X Windows system will not necessarily be the same as the answer for a Microsoft Windowing system.

On an X Windows system (the ones I'm most familiar with at a programming level), it's the Window Manager that controls the display and the best you can do is to tell it what you would like to happen.  It then has the final authority for window precedence, size, etc.  So the answer to your question "can the application window always be on top" is - sorry - "No, it can't".

When you think about it, this makes sense; most window managers provide a tool bar and it would be very antisocial of an application to mask that tool bar or part of it.

Typically, when you first display or deiconify a window it will be placed on top anyway.

Question for you ... why do you want to do this?  It's usually best for the user to let the window manager provide the same natural positioning for all a user's windows rather that arguing with it and telling it that you know better  

-- Graham

P.S.  The
wm overrideredirect true
command will let you put up a window which is ignored by the window manager.  So it will appear on top ... but the I think it'll get altered / corrupted whenever the window manager redraws parts of the screen that co-incide with its window. And I'm not sure how it'll cope with inputs and focus ... it's not something I recommend you use.

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