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tcl sleep command

Posted by crystal (crystal), 27 July 2006
I am trying to log into a file what i have exectuted but after i use a sleep command in between my program , it does not log any thing further . I have used telnet to connect to a remote machine. and need to put some delays in between as the execution of certain commands take sometime . what can i change so that i can incorporate the delays and be able to log everything thats taking place.  
besides this i have only used expect and send commands ....

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 27 July 2006
You can delay a Tcl process with the after command - give the number of milliseconds you want to delay as a parameter. Thus

earth-wind-and-fire:~/jul06 grahamellis$ cat csecs
puts [clock seconds]
after 5000
puts [clock seconds]
earth-wind-and-fire:~/jul06 grahamellis$ tclsh csecs
earth-wind-and-fire:~/jul06 grahamellis$

Posted by crystal (crystal), 27 July 2006

this is the code that i am using , but the command "hello\r" before after 1 is not being displayed , the same was the case when using sleep.
also it does not log properly, i tried using

expect "C:\>"
set file [open fnch a+]
log_file -a -open $file

instead of exec script testlog.txt ,but it would log only to the point just before using the sleep command ,and using the exec script command would creat the file but not log anything

#!/home/pub/bin/expect -c


spawn telnet  
#echo   "telnet done"

expect "Login Name"
send "administrator\r"

expect "password:"

send  "Administrator1@\r"

expect "Windows NT Domain:"

send "\r"

expect "C:\>"
expect "Please  choose (1-5):"

send "2\r"

exec script testlog.txt

send "hello\r"
after 1
send "hello2\r"

expect "C:\>"
send "prcstate\r"

expect "C:\>"


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 27 July 2006
1ms is a tiny delay ... why bother  

But I suspect that there's something else wrong in your question and answer sequence ... if the first "hello" doesn't appear, the remote system probably isn't echoing it back.   What you need to do is to check the sequence of send and receives; you'll probably find something very slightly incorrect in there that's causing it to lock.

Posted by crystal (crystal), 27 July 2006
well i was using it with a 900s delay so i just reduced it to see if thats the problem  
i have only started to use tcl for test case automation and am not sure how to check the sequence...

Posted by crystal (crystal), 27 July 2006
These are my requirements for doing the test case automation , please suggest a good way to go about acheiving this. I dont have any experience so i dont know where to start ....

1.Scripts supporting the windows platform [Win NT and  Windows 2003 ] with coding in TCL.
2.Scripts should be such that,minimal modifications are done by the end user.
3.Script can be a batch file which will use the input file for STP details.
4.Script a batch file can be directly run from either the host machine or the STP.
5.Script can be any kind  of file which can be executed easily  with no specific environment to be used.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 27 July 2006
It's good to lay down the objectives like that but I'm not sure that I understand properly what the scripts will do.   I feel I'm having a load of adjectives and adverbs tossed my way but no nouns or verbs.

First stage - get a "spike" solution working.   Work out what you need to do manually, make a note of each step, and program it.  Perhaps break out to an interact command in your Tcl as you go through step by step to work it out.

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