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Control Multiple Spawn telnetthrough single script

Posted by mansoorx (mansoorx), 15 March 2006
        I am trying to develope a programme, through which i can access two different Cisco Switch at the same time and open its port no 23, but when i execute this script it does not display any message and i press   "Crtl + c " to come back in Linux command promt.

#!/usr/bin/expect -f
set switch {}
set running 0
log_user 0

foreach x $switch {
spawn telnet $x
expect -i $x "Username:"
send -i $x "name\r"
expect -i $x "Password:"
send -i $x "password\r"
expect -i ">"
send -i $x  "enable\r"
expect -i $x "Password:"
send -i $x "password\r"
expect -i $x "#"
send -i $x "conf t"
expect -i $x "#"
send -i $x "int fas 0/23\r"
expect -i $x "#"
send -i $x "no sh\r"
expect -i $x "#"
send -i $x "do wr"
expect -i $x "#"
send -i $x "do exit\r"

Thank You Advanced.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 15 March 2006
It's probably hanging up someehere in the send and expect sequence - probably a tiny error in your choreography.  And as you've not got any puts statements anywhere in your code, there's no output at all so you're not being given any clues!

As a first step, I would remove the
log_user 0
so that all the protocol exchanges will be echoed on the screen. That way' you'll see where it comes to a halt.

Posted by mansoorx (mansoorx), 16 March 2006
I just remove the log_user 0 and run it again but again it take almost 4 minut to execute but, port 23 is not configured at all , and display in that format ,
in linux this script after excution,

[mansoor@tech mansoor]$ ./mspawn
spawn telnet
spawn telnet
[mansoor@tech mansoor]$

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 16 March 2006
Then your problem lies at the very beginning with the spawn ... it's not getting any login offer back so you're having a timeout at each and every stage.   Try running the telnet from a shell and see what's happening.

Posted by mansoorx (mansoorx), 1 April 2006
Hello Graham,

Sorry for delay, due to some reasons, any when i telnet from shell it work very well, but whenever i run this script spawn takes time, and dont implement any configuration on the switches.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 1 April 2006
.... and having now run it from telnet, look and see exactly what the difference are and that should lead you in the right direction ...

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