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extension of TCL with C

Posted by eranshuman (eranshuman), 6 October 2007
I am new user of TCL/Tk language.
I want to integrate Tcl with C. I have xmktclapp.tcl which generates the required .c and .h But when i complied the .c file the application is not able to find tcl.h file I have searched whole system but I m unable to find the tcl.h file. Can anybody help where I can find the tcl.h file

I have downloaded the tcl8.4.16 version
Extract the folder in the C:\tcl8.4.16
There is a \win folder . In that folder there is file.Executing it it had complied the file
It had created a folder name Release in the \win directory. In release folder there is tcl84sh.exe. But I have not found any \include folder.
Can anybody tell how to get the tcl.h file

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 6 October 2007
Sounds like Windows rather that Linux / Unix?   It coul dbe that you have downloaded a binary version that doesn't include the header files .... which you only need if you're recomiling Tcl / having it talk to C.   Since Tcl is Open Source, there should be an alternative (Source) download.

Posted by eranshuman (eranshuman), 7 October 2007
Ya it is in window

Do you know where I could download the soruce code
because I m unable to find  it

Thanks and Regards

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 7 October 2007
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