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But our most important resources are our staff ...

Well House Consultants staff

We're a service company - providing training courses, running conferences and events, and operating a business hotel. And one of the vital resources of a service company is its staff - all the way from the newest recruit to the longest standing team members. You'll find our current staff - part timers and full timers - all pictured below, with a few words about what each of them does. And as everyone is important, the order is completely random, and changes from time to time.

Heather's got a full time job (and chickens, a dog and a number of other animals too) but works for use too every week for the best of reasons - because she enjoys it, and for the experience. And we enjoy having her on the team too. Your midweek breakfast lady!

Phil helps Lisa out at HQ with the filing / admin, on a weekly basis; he's the team member that you're least likely to see at the training centre, but he's very much there and it's as a result of his good works that we can draw you information from the files quickly and answer your questions whether you're looking to rebook your favourite room, or if you're a taxman wanting to ask about our VAT return!

You'll meet Kim on weekend duty at the hotel - usually taking responsibility for those leisurly Sunday breakfasts and weekend guest checkouts. "It keeps me busy" she says - but she always seems busy in her weektime role as a nursery school teacher; I've not been in her class, but it's probably a really good experience if she's a happy and cheerful there as she is at Well House Manor.

Rachel specializes in breakfasts, and room changes and keeps an eye on the laundry too. You'll also find her on duty from time to time during the day, and the occasional evening - Rachel is studying for a qualification in hospitality, and is on an apprenticeship scheme under which she studies with us. But don't let that fool you - she's already a key and responsible member of our team.

Anne's on our "call-out team". After a long and distinguised career in catering and catering management, it's good to have her available to help us a bit as and when needed - be it to look at a specific issue with the experience of a who career, or to take a shift when the regulars aren't available.

Sarah looks after checkin and guests in afternoons and four evenings a week, and also does a breakfast shift and she also takes care of the ordering of all the day to day supplies for Well House Manor. She fits that even with a hectic weekend hobby / career racing mini cars too - truly a miracle worker.

Graham founded Well House Consultants in 1995, and is the principal trainer.

Graham has worked in the IT business for about 30 years, and for much of that time has presented training courses as a part of his role. These days, training occupies the majority of his time but he also undertakes technical contract work in the subjects on which he trains in order to remain "on the ball" and up to date. Further information is available here and on Graham's personal web site.

Lisa looks after all the back room activities at Well House Consultants - ranging from advertising and marketing through handling bookings and confirmations to manual production and accounting work.

Lisa's background is in graphic arts, event management and journalism. She lived for many years in Naples, Florida, where she says she was "the first person on the Internet", and moved early with the new technology into web site design. After a two year international courtship, Lisa moved across to the UK and married Graham in 1998 and 'the rest is history'.

If you have an enquiry, please email info@wellho.net and your message will be dealt with by the next available member of staff. All of us stay closely in touch with each other, so that the message can be passed on if necessary. All of us can be reached on the phone via the main Well House Consultants number, which is manned throughout the working day and usually for rather longer. Please bear in mind that individuals (Graham especially) are often running courses / with clients so may not be able to take calls personally.

Contact Details
Hotel and Training Center
48, Spa Road, Melksham
SN12 7NY
Bookings and Headquarters
404, The Spa, Melksham
SN12 6QL
Telephone and Email
01225 708225 (Main number for Well House)
01225 793803 (Guest number at Well House Manor)

Lisa Ellis (Bookings, hotel and courses) - lisa@wellho.net
Graham Ellis (Training and technical) - graham@wellho.net

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