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Doubt in this IF-ELSE code

Posted by Rukesh (Rukesh), 22 January 2007
Hi friends,

I have gone through the following code which is a test script. Here, always else code is getting excuted. Then what is the need of the if-block.

if { 0 }
 ---do some---
  --do some--

Pls rep me.  
Thanks in advance.

Rukesh D

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 22 January 2007
I don't know.   What do the comments in the program tell you about it?

I'm also puzzled by the syntax - I think you might be posting "pseudocode" there, or some other language?   With Tcl, the block with { usually has to start on the same line as the condition, and the } has to be on the same line as the else unless you use continuations.

Tell us a bit more about what the comments say, and the actual structure of the code - if the block structure has been changed then perhaps something else has?   With what I've seen so far I could only make a guess at what's going on.

Posted by Rukesh (Rukesh), 23 January 2007
Hi pal,

Thank you for your reply.
Here is the code. There was no comments provided.

if { 0 } {
     if { $UDPSrcPort != 1000 }  {
         eval $generatorName seqdefine $TrfcSrc udpBlk -srcPort $UDPSrcPort -dstPort $UDPDstPort $UDPOptString
   } else {
eval $generatorName seqdefine $TrfcSrc udpBlk -srcPort $UDPSrcPort -dstPort $UDPDstPort $UDPOptString
Put your comments on the above code.

Rukesh D

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 24 January 2007
I think yuor code IS commented ... I think the

if {0} {

was added to suspend the operation of part of the logic so that the code that probably took a while to develop is not lost and can be restored to use later.   Actually a trick I use quite often .... in PHP, you'll find me writing

if (0 == 1) {

to do much the same thing  

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