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Probelm about link script in VC++

Posted by Leo (Leo), 7 August 2007
  I'm come from china. My English is poor,so please don't mind.
  I'm a novice at programming with TCL.I need your help.
  There is a simple funtion about link script in VC++.

void CTestTclView:nButton1()
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
   char* szCurPath = new char[256];
   ::GetCurrentDirectoryA(256, szCurPath);      

   Tcl_Interp *pTclInterp = Tcl_CreateInterp();
   Tcl_InitStubs(pTclInterp, "8.4", 0);
   CString path;
   path = "D:/test.tcl";
     MessageBox("Tcl Interpreter could not    created!");            
   if(Tcl_EvalFile(pTclInterp,path) == TCL_ERROR)
        MessageBox("excute the tcl shell script error!"

The script file(test.tcl) contain only a command(puts "Hello World!").When I debug the program,I find the funtion "Tcl_EvalFile(pTclInterp,path) " can not be executed successful,It always return 1.if I change the command of the script file to ''set a 10".The the funtion "Tcl_EvalFile(pTclInterp,path) " will be executed successful.I can't find the reasons.Would you please give me some suggsts to amend the program.Thank you.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 7 August 2007
If you're using Visual C++, do you actually have STDOUT connected through properly?   I note that you're not using printf in your C code, but a VC++ function instead.  

Does a simple printf work for you?   If not - solve that, and you'll probably have solved your "hello world". If it does work, though, my guess would be wrong ...

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