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Error ! child process exited abnormally.

Posted by amit (amit), 16 March 2005
I am new to TCL/TK. I installed Active State Active Tcl from Net and starts learning Tcl & Tk. I have some problems with "exec".  I am giving my simple tcl program to execute mycompare.exe with two input files as data .out and


proc do_well { } {
set res [ exec D:/work_prog/asd/klp/mycompare.exe D:/work_prog/asd/klp/data.out D:/work_prog/asd/klp/data.ref ]
#puts stdout $res

proc doo { } {


I saved it as compare.tcl at D:/work_prog/asd/klp so when i am double clicking on "compare.tcl" or (running this code on tkcon 2.4 Main by writing command as
(bin) 3 % source D:/work_prog/asd/klp/compare.tcl ) then i am getting an error as given below:
   The files are the sameThe no of lines are 507000
   child process exited abnormally
   while executing
   "exec D:/work_prog/asd/klp/mycompare.exe D:/work_prog/asd/klp/data.out D:/work_prog/asd/klp/data.ref "
   (procedure "do_well" line 2)
   invoked from within
   "do_well  "
   (procedure "doo" line 2)
   invoked from within
   (file "D:/work_prog/asd/klp/pract.tcl" line 11)
   invoked from within
   "source D:/work_prog/asd/klp/pract.tcl"
   ("uplevel" body line 1)
   invoked from within
   "uplevel #0 {source D:/work_prog/asd/klp/pract.tcl}"

So , Please tell me how can i remove this error. Also tell me some details regarding such type of errors an how can i avoid them.

ALSO I WANT TO LEARN MORE REGARDING INVOCKING SUBPROCESS. I am trying to build and run to .c program by invocking Microsoft Visual C++ . So which
corrective steps should i take to perform this task. Please give me details with some Example and preferable net links so that, I resolve my problems successfully.


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 17 March 2005
My first thought would be to catch the error - there's a short example of this at

Aside.  I will not be giving as much time as I usually do to answering this question.   It's the third time that I've come across it in 24 hours, and that's without searching for it ... so goodness knows how many other times it's been asked; there seems very little point in me "spinning wheels" to help when others are probably doing so as well - I've better things to do that provide duplicate answers.

It is highly unusual for me to comment like this on the forum - I prefer to do so in a private message.  In this case, a private message that asked how widely the question had been posted, and suggested that the poster "lay off" for a few days while responses came in, just resulted in a further copy being posted within 12 hours.

In summary - usually delighted to help, but this is a free service and, please, please, please, don't waste replyer's time by asking a question that you'll probably have had answered elsewhere by the time I get to it.

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