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FTP app in Wish

Posted by neo (The Architect), 1 February 2005
This code here logs me into the ftp server but I am unable to execute any commands after that. The command Code:
exp_send "ls -l\r"
is not show on the screen and there is no more output after that either (even though I waited a long time).
    spawn ftp;
    set ftpPid $spawn_id;
    puts stdout "id= $ftpPid"
    expect -re ".*ftp> "
    exp_send -i $ftpPid "open $McName\r";
    expect {
       -re "Connected .*Name .*" {}
       -re "$McName:.*" {return -1}

    exp_send -i $ftpPid "$UserName\r"
    expect "sword:"
    exp_send -i $ftpPid "$UserPass\r"
    expect -re ".*ftp> "
    exp_send "ls -l\r"

Any idea what is wrong with this?

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 1 February 2005
1. Have you tried adding another expect for "ftp> " at the end of your script; it's possible that you're sending the ls but not waiting for any response from it .... I don't know where your program goes after this, but it's a common mistake to send a command then exit leaving the child process (ftp in your case) high and dry.

2. You should never end an expected regular expression with .* as you're likely to get inconsistent results in use.   Sometimes it will match the complete response string and at other times just a part of it - it totally depends on how busy your systems are and what you swapping algorithms are doing at the time, and bugs based on this are nasty to find.   I don't think it's the cause of the current problem, but I feel that I must warn you about it.

Posted by neo (The Architect), 1 February 2005
Thanks, Will try and let you know.

How do i match those expressions then?

Posted by neo (The Architect), 1 February 2005
Ok that worked fine. I next tried a exp_send "bye\r" command and exited by my script didn't
( i tried waiting for "221 Goodbye\.\r" )

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