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LoG File Error

Posted by ksrra (ksrra), 15 October 2004
I am also new  to the Expect environment  ..
  The purpose of   the script that i have written is to telnet to a switch/router , execute certain commands & capture the logs .

This worked perfectly fine when i ran the script on the router , but on the switch , every thing works fine , but the logs are not created , when i open the log file it gives me either  an error msg saying  "line too large " while opening the   file or the file would contain only  junk characters.Whats going wrong
Any help would be appreciated

thanks in Advance

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 15 October 2004
Can you post a few lines of code to illustrate the problem??

Posted by ksrra (ksrra), 15 October 2004

set name [lindex $argv 0]
set user [lindex $argv 1]
set pd [lindex $argv 2]

log_user 1
log_file  -noappend  sw-op

spawn telnet $name

expect    "User ID:"
send $user\n
expect "Enter Password:"
send $pd\n

expect "Next Command:"
send "sh cards"

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 15 October 2004
Ah - are you opening the log file in another application and having tgrouble there?  Any chance that you switch is generating new line character delimited responses, and you're opening the log files on a Windows box to look at them?

Posted by ksrra (ksrra), 15 October 2004
S , the switch  does generate the new line character deliminated responses, but  iam not opening in a windows box ,I am  using the ssh shell , I  connect  to the switch &  also  open  the log  file there itself .

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 15 October 2004
OK ... if you're getting the problem examining the output after the script has completed on a Linux box (have I understood that right?), then have a look at the output file with something like od that has no ourput line limit.   That way you'll get at least a clue that will point you towards the problem

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