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Tcl socket client

Posted by tclinside (tclinside), 5 May 2006
Dear all;

 I'm trying to connect my TCL app to tcp server using the following code, but i have two probelems, the client wait until the end of "for" loop in server and it show data in ASCII mode  

how to resolve that ?

Tcl client:

set server localhost
set sockChan [socket $server 9900]
gets $sockChan line
#scan line %c var
puts $line
close $sockChan

C++ server:

for (int j=0; j<=1;j ++)  {
           for(int i=0; i<cglove.GetNSensors(); ++i)
  int nData = cglove.GetData(i);
  nRet = send(remoteSocket, // Connected socket
     (char*)&nData, // Data buffer
     sizeof(int), // Lenght of data
     0); // Flags

Best regards.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 6 May 2006
gets reads from a channel until a new line character or end of file is received before returning, so that's why you get nothing until the server has completed all of its work. You can fconfigure the channel to change its behaviour - there's an example of that at

The data received by gets is a string of characters, which is what will be printed out by puts - I think that's what you mean by ASCII mode. You probably want to use a binary scan to translate it before you output it.

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