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search each word in each line in the file

Posted by bubby_k (bubby_k), 22 December 2004

New to tcl programming. I need to write a procedure to read a file, and each word on each line need to be searched to see wether that word is repeated in that file. If repeated, that line to be written out. I am not able think of a neat way to do this ? Any help is appreciated. For example :

The file will contain some lines similar to

a: b c d
b: e f
e : x y

So I need to search for each of item 'b, c, d' to see whether they are being used elsewhere, here item 'b' is used in the secondline, so I need to get line 'b: e f', likewise item 'e' also being used elsewhere, so I need also get line 'e: x y' line as well.


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 23 December 2004
Treat each line as a list to check each word in turn (you'll need to strip off the colons which, judging by your test data, you want eliminated) and scan through an array you're developing to see if the element already exists ... recording all elements in the array. Be careful to print out each line only once even if it matches because of two previous words.

Hmm - not sure how clear my description is.  Here it is in a piece of code:

proc filter {filename} {
       set fh [open $filename r]
       while {[gets $fh line] > -1} {
               regsub : $line " " clean
               set wanted 0
                       foreach word $clean {
                       if {[info exists previous($word)]} {
                               incr wanted
                       set previous($word) 1
               if $wanted {puts $line}

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