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starting a background process

Posted by shafa.fahad (FahaD), 31 October 2006

I would like to know how to spawn a back process in Expect/TCL. A piece
of code would be helpful....

I have a script which logs into remote system and does serious of
operation and bring out the output. find below the simple script for

#!/usr/bin/expect -f
set prompt "(%|#|\\$|%]|\\):|>) $"
spawn ssh k...@
expect {
password {
            send_user "Enter password for $cStruct(admin):"
            stty -echo
            expect_user -re "(.*)\n" {set pStruct(passwd)
            send "$pStruct(passwd)\r"
            stty echo
-re $prompt {
           send_user "Please wait the operation is being performed"
           log_user 0
           send "somecommand\r"
           expect -re $prompt
           send "somecommand\r"
           expect -re $prompt
           send "somecommand\r"
           expect -re $prompt
           send "somecommand\r"
           expect -re $prompt
           send "somecommand\r"
           expect -re $prompt
           send "somecommand\r"
           expect -re $prompt
           set result $expect_out(buffer)
           puts stdout $result
           send "exit\r"


In the above operation, after user enters the password he will get the
message "please wait the operation is being performed" and then because
of log_user 0 user wont get to see what command is fired and after some
time he will get the result.

My requirement is to display "please wait while the operation is being
performed" to be dynamic and hence keeps blinking till the operation is

Any help would be apprecited.

Thanks in advance

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 1 November 2006
You could spawn a shell and background it via there, but it seems a bit obscure.   Also have a look at expect_after which may allow you to return if there isn't a match yet back if the real expression your looking for hasn't appeared.   Sorry the reply is a bit patch today - I'm away from base and books!

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