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regexp for multi line matching

Posted by ahmedrubbani (ahmedrubbani), 24 November 2006
Helllo Everybody,
                         I am a new memeber of this forum and a very new to TCL programming. I need immediate help from you guys. I am sure somebody will help me out. My question is fairly basic. I am trying to write regexp that will only match the following string (When
it is on a line entirely by itself.):

Please let me know how can I modify my program for multiple line string e.g "ads\nABC\nere". My code just to match ABC in single line is given below. PLEASE HELP ME OUT.

set match 0;

#define a string
set something "ABC";
puts "STRING ENTERED: $something";

#Determine length of string (something) and store it in a
set a [string length $something];

#matches the string with ABC
regexp ABC $something match;

#conditional check if string is ABC AND its length is 3
if {$match eq "ABC" && $a eq 3} {
puts "Matched: $match"} else {puts "Not Matched";}

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 25 November 2006
In regular expressions, ^ and $ usually match at the very start or at the vey end of an expression. However, if you use what is know as "multiline" mode, you can modify their behavious so that they match at embedded new lines.   In the case of Tcl, this is done with the -lineanchor option.  Thus:

set samples [list "Hello world\nABC\nThis matches" \
       "Another test\nABCD\nNo match" ]

foreach sample $samples {
       puts [regexp -lineanchor {^ABC$} $sample]

Posted by ahmedrubbani (ahmedrubbani), 26 November 2006

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