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expect -i speed issue

Posted by arthur (arthur h), 17 June 2005

I have a problem with a code like:

spawn telnet $host
set id $spawn_id
exp_send $command
expect -i $id {
  $prompt { puts $message }

It works, but is execution is 20 seconds longer than the same code without -i option for expect.
Can anyone tell me, please, what is the reason for this behaviour, and how can be avoided?


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 17 June 2005
In your live code (which I expect is a bit longer), have you done another spawn before the expect?   If so, your problem could be the result of a timeout ... you wait to seconds for spawn_id "2" when it really should be spawn_id "1".

I suggest you print out both id and spawn_id in your working example just before your expect call ... I think you'll find they are different, and that will be your starting point to finding out why you're getting this behaviour.

Posted by arthur (arthur h), 20 June 2005
I found the problem (or a problem)...
if I write
expect -i $id $prompt { puts $message }
everything works fine

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