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FreeWrap: running wrapped Tcl program troubles

Posted by Dimon (Dimon), 12 August 2005
Hail ladies and gentlemen!

I have 2 questions about wrapping and distribute Tcl program.
1. I try to make a distribution package for my Tcl program with Freewrap ver.6.0. But after package was created and placed to test computer, my program cannot started. The command line for Freewrap is:

freewrap.exe tshell.tcl -f filelist.txt -f thread.txt -f bwidget.txt -f img.txt -f itcl.txt -f iwidgets.txt

where tshell.tcl - main module of my program, filenames after -f - swiches are the listfile names for corresponding Tcl library packages.
When I try to run wrapped program I saw an error message:

Error sourcing /WORK/TR/Shell/tshell.tcl: Can't find a usable itcl.tcl in the following directories:
/itcl3.3 D:/TEMP/1/Shell/../lib/itcl3.3
D:/TEMP/1/Shell/../library D:/TEMP/1/Shell/../../library
This probably means that Itcl/Tcl weren't installed properly.
If you know where the Itcl library directory was installed,
you can set the environment variable ITCL_LIBRARY to point to the library directory.

But BWidget library calling to which was the first in program was founded seccessfully. When I looked for contents of package was maked by freewrap, I find all Tcl libraries my program needed. I tried the next variants before wrapping:
1) create a copy of library folders into my setup project's folder;
2) the same in .\lib folder of my project's folder;
3) add a paths to Tcl libraries into 'auto_path' variable in the begining of program;
Thats all was effectless: wrapped exe-file cannot find the itk3.3 library.
Well, I have create a corresponding environment variables and than restart my system. Program was started but I think that decision isn't a good - the environment variables contains an absolute paths.

Tcl/Tk version I use: 8.4.2 (compiled by myself).
Path to Tcl Libraries: c:\Tcl\lib
OS: Windows 2000 Pro SP 4
Freewrap version: 6.0 for Windows.

Freewrap creates vitrual file structure with 'Tcl' folder and places libraries I list in *.txt files in it, but program cannot find them when started.

Can anybody explaine what I done wrong and show me true decision?

2. The second problem.
My Tcl application calls a C++ command-line program and read a data placed from external data files. I constrained to distribute all of them WITHIN wrapped-package. But I need to run C++ program without tcl and refresh the data files from time to time.
How can I solve this distribution problem?

Posted by Dimon (Dimon), 1 September 2005
In addition to first question I want to ask about second and third.

The second wrapping problem is the language support. I use unicode fonts in controls and see the localized coded text in my project correctly. But when I run my wrapped application, I cannot see a localized coded text correctly. I have analyse the package of wrapped application and have found a language support libraries, but I don't know how to activate them How can I solve this problem?

The third problem. My application use the multi-threading but freewrap don't support threads. How can I compile freewrap (what keys in makefile I must set) to make threads suppoort?

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