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Access violation with Tcl_EvalFIle

Posted by jane (jane), 19 April 2005
Hi all,
I am not sure whether this is the right place to post this. If this post fits here, please help me. If I this is not the place, please point me to the right place.

I am very new to Tcl programming world.
I am trying to implement a TCL command in C.
Before that I wanted to try out a small experiment given in a book. But I am  getting an access violation(system error) when I invoke Tcl_EvalFile. If I use Tcl_Eval with same command, then it works just fine. Somebody please hel
p me.
This is on Windows XP platform.

Thanks a lot in advance.

This is the code:

int main()
Tcl_Interp *myInterp;
int retCode;
char name[] = "./simple.tcl";

myInterp = Tcl_CreateInterp();

retCode = Tcl_EvalFile(myInterp, name); // Access Violation
if(retCode != TCL_OK)
fprintf(stdout, "Error\n");

return 1;

contents of simple.c are : puts Hello.

- Jane

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 20 April 2005
I can't spot anything straight away (but it just might be staring me in the face!).  The best I can suggest is try the examples that we'ver got at which are pretty similar; if they work, then you can play "spot the difference" and if not then I can have a further look.  Also - do you have access to a "nix" operating system to test / see if your code works there.   A further thought - which C compiler are you using on the Microsoft system, and were the Tcl libraries compiled under the SAME compiler?  If not, that's a possible compatabilty issue.

Posted by jane (jane), 20 April 2005
Thanks for the reply, Graham. I figured out what the problem was. I called Tcl_FindExecutable before calling Tcl_EvalFile and it works now. Thanks once again for your time

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