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How to ssh and execute a particular command

Posted by chets (chets), 9 October 2007
im new to this TCL/TK programming, wanted to know how to spawn another m/c and execute command over there.
i want it from TK (window) instead of command line.

Can anyone help me in this, any example in Expectk would be  


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 9 October 2007
Here's an example with Expect (no Tk) which should help you with that end ...


# Using ssh from expect

log_user 0
spawn ssh -l trainee snowdrop
expect "sword: "
send "abc123\r"
expect "]$ "
send "uptime\r"
expect "]$ "
set igot $expect_out(buffer)

puts $igot

I tested that .. and it worked for me:

earth-wind-and-fire:~/oct07 grahamellis$ ./exp_ssh
17:13:20 up  2:15,  3 users,  load average: 0.33, 0.17, 0.19
[trainee@snowdrop ~]$
earth-wind-and-fire:~/oct07 grahamellis$

Posted by chets (chets), 10 October 2007
Thanks a lot for the response... i got it and implemented in my setup it worked fine in CLI.
set Machine $src
set Password "nextone"
spawn ssh $Machine
expect "Password:"
send "$Password\n"
expect "inex:~ # "
send "cd /root/tools/sipp/\n"
expect "inex:~/tools/sipp # "
send "./sipp -sn uas\n"

but rather than cli i wanted to spawn a window in GUI, i heard about expectk would help in this.
any example/ regarding expectk would be heplful...


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 10 October 2007
We have loads of Tk examples starting here. Individual bits of source code on each topic in the middle column, new topics across to the right.

Posted by chets (chets), 11 October 2007
well Thanks again.
i followed one of the example and written a script for ssh it worked.

proc getfiles {host} {
      log_user 0
      set id [spawn ssh $host]
      expect "Password: "
      exp_send "abcd\n"
      expect "d123:~ # "

set hostname "computer name"
entry .host -textvariable hostname

button .do -text go -command {
      getfiles $hostname

pack .host .do

but here once the script is run through terminal and after entering comp IP and hit go button it spawns ssh in the same terminal

i want to pop up new window where it should spawn ssh
i used toplevel but din't worked.

any idea on this would be help ful

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