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webpage -> script.php -> script.exp  time problem

Posted by liderbug (liderbug), 5 August 2005
I have a webpage with form/Submit which calls a php script.  In that php script I have
exec ("/a/b/script.exp machine arg1 arg2", $result);
script.exp has:
send -- "ssh user@$machine arg1 2
expect -exact "word: "
etc .......

If I run the php script from the command line it takes about 2 seconds.
If I run via the web page it takes 22 seconds+.  I think what is happening is when it connects it repeats evey character checking for "word:"  ie
connect etc etc etc
and on and on and thats what is eating up all the time.  Has anyone run across this problem?  And more over a soultion.


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 5 August 2005
Sounds odd.  Can you post a short PHP script and a short Expect script that illustrate the problem - otherwise I'm just guessing at what it might be ...

Posted by liderbug (liderbug), 5 August 2005
Problem solved -   ssh "minux little x"  u@h  

send -- "ssh -x user@$machine arg1 2

disable X11Forwarding - now what that has to do with acculation fo incoming characters ? but it does.
snipet of php
 foreach ($inputlist as $mach) {
       exec (".../foo4.exp $mach, $[arg1] 2 3", $result);
-------------- snipet of exp
send -- "ssh  -x  user@$arg0\r"
exp... "word:"

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