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invalid command name

Posted by Andy (Andy), 27 January 2003
I have the following code :

proc datei_lesen {} {

  global BA                        
  set Datei [open c:\\temp\\eingabe02.dat ]      

  while {[gets $Datei Zeile ] >= 0 } {  
     set b [string match BA*  $Zeile ]        
     if {$b == 1} { set e [string range $Zeile 7 end]                  
        lappend BA $e

     close $Datei


.. if I now want to start it with datei_lesen I just got the error message :

invalid command name "datei_lesen" while executing "datei_lesen"

Do you guys have any idea what I do wrong ?

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 27 January 2003
Yep, Tcl is an interpretive language so you must define your procs before you get to any calls to them in the code.   Thus ... if you add
at the very top of the sample code that you've supplied, you'll get the error message.   If you add it at the end (after the last } at the end of the proc) then you won't have the problem

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