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Serial Port RS232

Posted by Yvanou (Yvanou), 11 May 2007

I have to develop a software in order to communicate  with a presure measurment device linked to a PC (Windows 95) with a RS232 serial port. I have to use tcl/tk language.

I can open the port "com2" with:

set com2 [open com2: r+]

I configure with fconfigure:

fconfigure $com2 -mode 9600,8,n,1 -buffering none -blocking 0

I try to send message and receive response...:

puts $com2 instruction
set resp [read $com2]
puts $resp

... but the device send me a blank line...

What can I do?  

I'm working on it for 3 days long.



Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 11 May 2007
Because you've set blocking off, your read won't wait for andy input and you'll get an empty string back.

Posted by iamxiaop (iamxiaop), 16 July 2007
set tty [open /dev/ttyS0]
fconfigure $tty -mode 9600 0 8 2
set tty [open /dev/com1]

puts $iChannel "$username\r"; puts $iChannel "$password\r"
puts $iChannel "enable"


# 初始化串口
proc ComSetup {ComPort ComRate} {
  set iChannel [open $ComPort w+]
  set rate $ComRate
  fconfigure $iChannel -mode $ComRate,n,8,1
  fconfigure $iChannel -blocking 0
  fconfigure $iChannel -buffering none
  fileevent $iChannel readable ""
  return $iChannel

# 从串口读取数据
proc GetData {iChannel} {
  global output
  after 2000
  set cap [read -nonewline $iChannel]
  return "$cap"  
# 向串口中写数据
proc SendCmd {channel command} {
  global output debug

  set letter_delay 10  
  set commandlen [string length $command]
  for {set i 0} {$i < $commandlen} {incr i} {  
     set letter [string index $command $i]
     after $letter_delay
     puts -nonewline $channel $letter
     if {$debug(dutConfig) == 1} {puts -nonewline $output "$letter"}
  after $letter_delay  
  puts -nonewline $channel "\n"
  if {$debug(dutConfig) == 1} {puts $output ""}
  after 500
  flush $channel
  package require Expect
  set hostname
  set password admin

  exp_spawn telnet $hostname
  expect "*Password:" {exp_send "$password\n"}
  expect "*>"         {exp_send "en\n"}
  expect "Password:"  {exp_send "$password\n" }
  # Do More ...

Posted by iamxiaop (iamxiaop), 16 July 2007;action=display;num=1138163407;start=0

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