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switch and variables - no comparison/matching?

Posted by balk (balk), 20 July 2007
Love the site!  I do have a question that is troubling me.  

Is there a way to use a switch statement and have it look at the value of a variable for the comparison?  In the following switch statement, the switch doesn't recognize or match with $SegOne.  Even though I get SegmentType as MSH, it never hits the SegOne case.  I don't want to hardcode MSH in the switch as that would defeat the purpose of using a variable.

Any thoughts?  I'd appreciate it.

set SegOne MSH

set SegmentType [lindex $seg 0]

switch -exact -- $SegmentType {
 $SegOne {
   puts stdout "Inside with $SegOne"

 default {
   puts stdout "Outside with $SegmentType"

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 20 July 2007
Yes, Nate - you can.  The problem is the { on the end of the switch line which defines all the rest as a deferred block, so supresses the interpretation of the $SegOne.

You're probably going to ask me "so what should I do / how should I write it". Yikes - replace the outer { and } with " and " and add \ protection on every new line and " within ...   that's not trivial the first time!

Posted by balk (balk), 20 July 2007
Wow, that is crazy!  I tried it and it works.  I would've never got that one on my own.  It's nice that this Tcl forum actually gets some action and is being used.

Again, thank you for the response and your time.  It is appreciated.


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