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problem with entry widget

Posted by dee00zee (dee00zee), 10 June 2005
I want to create a simple gui which has buttons and entry.
I want the entry to return the path of the file that I 've choosen during browse.
My code is as follows, but the entry does not return the path of the file that I've choosen.


wm title . gui

proc Browse3 {} {
global types command
set file [tk_getOpenFile -filetypes $types -parent .]
#if {$file != ""} {set scriptFile $file}


frame .top -borderwidth 10
pack .top -side top -fill x

entry .top.ent -width 20 -relief sunken -textvariable command
button .top.quit -text Quit -command exit
button .top.browse -text "Browse.." -command Browse3
pack .top.quit .top.browse -side right

#create label entry for the command
label .top.l -text File: -padx 0
#entry .top.ent -width 20 -relief sunken
pack .top.l -side left
pack .top.ent -side left -fill x -expand true

set types {
     {"ALL files"      *}

Could you suggest what should I do to make it work?
Thank you

Posted by Custard (Custard), 10 June 2005
You'll kick yourself!

I changed

#if {$file != ""} {set scriptFile $file}


if {$file != ""} {set command $file}

and it looks good to me. See what you think..



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