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Posted by tclinside (tclinside), 18 May 2006
Dear all;

 A couple of weeks I have posted these question :
However, I still get the some probleme !

In fact i acquired serial data  from a cyberglove hardware.  I'm attempting to send those data, value by value,  to a TCL client.  Actually, the client print data when the buffer is filled but I want data be transmitted by server and received by client without waiting for the Buffer being filled. (send value by value). As suggest by Graham Ellis i have configurate  channel (by using fconfigure) as follow:

proc read_data {} {
       set sum 0
       set count 0
       set mask 0x5A
       set channel [socket localhost 9900]
       fconfigure $channel -translation binary -buffering line
       while 1 {
           set data [read $channel]
           foreach item [split $data {}] {
               incr count
               set value [scan $item %c]
              puts -nonewline $value
           if {[eof $channel]} break
       puts "\nSum is '[format %x $sum]'."
       return $count

But i have allways the some probleme: the cleint wait the server loop to print data !!

 Is there a way to fix this probleme ?

Best regards

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 18 May 2006
My suggestion before was to use buffering none (that's what was in the example I pointed you to)), but I see you have used buffering line.  If you use buffering line, then the system will buffer until it happens upon a bit pattern that represents a new line character, or until the socket is closed.

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