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Procedure with variable number of arguments

Posted by kinshuk_mishra (kinshuk_mishra), 25 March 2003

I have a query regarding procedure.

The problem:

I want to make a procedure which can telnet to some linux machine and execute set of commands on that machine. The exact number of commands which may be required to execute is not constant and can change as per the requirement.

I now want to know that is there any way in which I can create a procedure that can take variable number of arguments. I know that it is possible as i read about the same in "practical programming in TCL " i could see the example but I think either my edition is very old or i am not able to grasp it. It will be great if some body can help me out with an example.

I am sending my i am only abe to give one $cmd or only fixed number of $cmd's but how can i make this as a variable number....

proc telnet_exec  {ip login password prpasswd cmd} {
        set telnet_prompt  [spawn telnet $ip]
        set cmd1 "echo $?"
        set expPrompt "root@chandra /root#"
        expect "login: "
        set id $spawn_id
        send -i $id "$login\r"
        expect -i $id "Password: "
        send -i $id "$password\r"
        send -i $id "su -\r"
        expect -i $id "Password: "
        send -i $id "$prpasswd\r"
        expect -i $id $expPrompt
        send -i $id "$cmd\r"
        send -i $id "$cmd1\r"
        expect -i $id "0" {
     puts stdout "test case passed"            
        } else {
     puts stdout "test case failed"
        send -i $id "exit"

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 25 March 2003
From our training notes - hope this helps

Tcl gives an error and halts if you run a command with the wrong number of parameters. Yet, some commands can take a variable number of parameters.

If you want to write your own command (proc) that takes a variable number of parameters, you can do so. If a parameter is itself a list of two parameters, the first is taken as a variable name and the second as a default value if that parameter is not specified. Thus:

   proc findsize {width {height 0}} {

takes one or two parameters. The first, which must be specified, is placed into the variable width. If a second parameter is specified, it's placed into the variable height. If there is no second parameter, the proc carries on running with height set to 0.

You can also specify a variable, or unlimited, number of parameters on the end of a proc definition by adding the word "args" to the parameter list. All remaining input variables are placed into a list called args if you so specify.


proc ceiling {limit args} {
        set overlimit 0
        foreach item $args {
                if {$item > $limit} {
                        incr overlimit
        return $overlimit }

set test1 [ceiling 20 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512]
set test2 [ceiling 15 8 16]

puts "Test 1 - $test1 items over limit"
puts "Test 2 - $test2 items over limit"

And running:

[graham@chapatti folder]$ vardemo
Test 1 - 5 items over limit
Test 2 - 1 items over limit
[graham@chapatti folder]$

Posted by kinshuk_mishra (kinshuk_mishra), 26 March 2003
Thank You very much....This works for me....

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