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error why?

Posted by Avarice (Avarice), 23 July 2003
set wx .065
set xc -0.3900
set nrect 7
for {set i 1; set l 0; set nrectrow 5} {$i <= $nrect} {incr i 1; incr l 0.1300; incr nrectrow 1} {
set int_wx($i) $wx
set int_wy($i) 1.00
set int_xc($i) [expr $xc + $l]
set int_yc($i) 0.0
set int_phase1($i) 0.0
entry .int_wx($i) -textvariable int_wx($i) -width 10
entry .int_wy($i) -textvariable int_wy($i) -width 10
entry .int_xc($i) -textvariable int_xc($i) -width 10
entry .int_yc($i) -textvariable int_yc($i) -width 10
entry .int_phase1($i) -textvariable int_phase1($i) -width 10
grid config .int_wx($i) -column 1 -row $nrectrow -sticky "snew"
grid config .int_wy($i) -column 2 -row $nrectrow -sticky "snew"
grid config .int_xc($i) -column 3 -row $nrectrow -sticky "snew"
grid config .int_yc($i) -column 4 -row $nrectrow -sticky "snew"
grid config .int_phase1($i) -column 5 -row $nrectrow -sticky "snew"

expected integer but got "0.1300"  is the error i'm receiving.  It's because of the set int_xc($i) [expr $xc + $l] line but how can i fix it.  I need it to add .13 each time but i keep getting errors grar

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 23 July 2003
No - I think it's the
     incr l 0.1300
that's causing the problem - you can only increment by an integer.  Use a set - expr instead, and you should cure the problem.

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