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creating packages in Expect

Posted by expectnewbie (expectnewbie), 21 April 2005
Has anyone created packages in Expect?
pkg_mkIndex command seems to recognize only *.tcl files. It does not take in *.exp files.

I renamed my expect scripts without the exp extension, but the pkgIndex.tcl files is empty.

PLease help!

Thank you

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 21 April 2005
Do remember that if you're using namespaces in the package, you need to export the procs that you want to be indexed.

I'll be doing some Expect tomorrow ... I'll have a look and see if I can put an example together ... but let me know if the above suggestion solves it first.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 23 April 2005
Here's an example that works for me ...

file rping.exp starts


package provide pulse 1.0

#%% Web based script - ping a series of remote hosts

proc lifecheck {args} {

log_user 0
set timeout 20
set runningcount 0
set hosts $args

foreach system $hosts {
       spawn ping -c 2 $system
       lappend idlist $spawn_id
       set realhost($spawn_id) $system
       incr runningcount

From the command line, I ran

pkg_mkIndex . rping.exp

and the pkgIndex.tcl file generated was

# Tcl package index file, version 1.1
# This file is generated by the "pkg_mkIndex" command
# and sourced either when an application starts up or
# by a "package unknown" script.  It invokes the
# "package ifneeded" command to set up package-related
# information so that packages will be loaded automatically
# in response to "package require" commands.  When this
# script is sourced, the variable $dir must contain the
# full path name of this file's directory.

package ifneeded pulse 1.0 [list source [file join $dir rping.exp]]

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