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Using command line args in TCL/Expect for Windows

Posted by MarkTChristy (MarkTChristy), 23 February 2005
Here I go again.    I did some searching but just can't find a specific to windows example.

I wrote a script called test.tcl, I invoke it like this...
c:\tcl>tclsh test.tcl <hostname>

I need <hostname> to be any valid host I want. However, in the code - how do I reference it. I have tried simple statements such as...
exp_send_user "Your command line arg was: \$1"
exp_send_user "Your command line arg was: $1"
... and the first one nicely prints out $1 as I would expect, the second one says it does not know the variable '1'.

How do I do this .... (lame question #2)....

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 23 February 2005
They're provided in a list called argv (that's independent of operating system).


dolphin:/Library/WebServer/live_cgi-bin/net graham$ tclsh -v -p demo.txt
% puts $argv
-v -p demo.txt
% foreach item $argv {
puts $item

Posted by MarkTChristy (MarkTChristy), 23 February 2005
YES! Blinded by the light  

foreach item $argv {
puts $item

I got it, thanks. I am now doing better.

More later -- thanks again for the head-light on that subject, I just couldn't find it or make it work.


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