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how to update tcl/tk in my program?

Posted by christinawu (christinawu), 24 December 2004
hi ,I am new face here  . I am glad to come here!

I am programming using tcl/tk8.4, I want to update it to tcl/tk8.5. but I don't know how to do.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 24 December 2004
Hi ... it depends on your operating system, and which version of Tcl you're using (e.g. supplies with the OS, compiled yourself, ActiveState).   If you can post those two details, I'll be able go give you some pointers without too many "if"s, "elseif"s and "else"s  

Posted by christinawu (christinawu), 24 December 2004
The operating system is windows 2000; im using the Tcl8.4 and Tk8.4, and I want to use Tcl8.5 and Tk8.5 now,  but I don't know how to realize.
I don't know the infomation is enough or not.
Thank your reply very much!

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 24 December 2004
The easiest Tcl and Tk releases for Windows are the ActiveState ones and their install scripts are pretty good - go to and download from there.   The new install should sense the old release you have.

Note that currently Activestate are only offering a Beta release of Tcl8.5 and Tk8.5.   Unless you've a very paricular reason to upgrade, you might want to wait until there's a production release available.

Posted by christinawu (christinawu), 27 December 2004
hi,Graham Ellis
I have downloaded ActiveState Tcl8.5 and Tk8.5 from the address supplied by you and  installed  them. Some other release of Tcl/Tk exist in my computer .when I check "tk_version",it is still  "8.4" instead of "8.5". Then I try to put the package of tk8.5 in the catalog named "\lib" ,and I add "package require Tk 8.5" to my application.but when I run the program , there is a "error message" which is "have 8.4 ,need 8.5". so I don't know how to do. Might I have your help?

Thank you very much!

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 27 December 2004
I still don't know why you're so persistant in upgrading to the Beta release (I advised you against doing so, but it seems you haven't taken this advise). What's wrong with 8.4 for your needs?  I am reluctant to encourage you down what is probably the wrong line for a newcomer to Tcl - getting a release which is so new that it's only out there for testing - unless there's a very good reason.

Posted by christinawu (christinawu), 28 December 2004
Graham Ellis, your advice is pretty important and I  greatly appreciate  your help,but the reason which I am persistant in upgrading the release is really that my program must be upgraded continually. Though the release is now Beta release, it would be a production release before long, I believe. So I must know how to upgrade it.    I wish I  have already explained it.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 28 December 2004
OK - I think I'm getting this - you're looking to write a product for distribution (not just your own use), so you need to test it on a variety of different releases?

You should be able to change your path (or explicity give the name of the second tcl/tk executable) when you want to use it in preference to the 8.4;  you could also use a different file extension and associate one with 8.4 and the other with 8.5.

I'm not a great expert on the Windows operating system (and I don't have a system sitting at hand with which to experiment at the moment), so my best advise would be to try things along these lines.  If you're determined to always test with pre-releases, you'll need to get very used to issues like these and the best way to learn is usually to try them out.

Personally, I feel that if something has only JUST made it into Tcl at version 8.5 then it can't be THAT important or it would have made it a long time ago, and so there's no big rush for most people to upgrade.  Exceptions are software vendors, and people who are looking to use a new facility that's been added - perhaps support for a new technology.

Posted by christinawu (christinawu), 28 December 2004
Yes, you have catched on me.
Your suggestion is very useful.  Thanks a lot.

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