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Posted by Luckasoft (Luckasoft), 8 December 2004
Hello, could anyone tell me what is the file "perllocal.pod" used for?

I mean, when new module or package added, its description is added into the "perllocal.pod".

But some packages are not described there at all. What is the difference?

Does anybody know util or script, which scans lib directory and creates "perllocal.pod" file?

Any help appreciated, as I did not even find the perllocal.pod formal format description

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 8 December 2004
It's a pod - Plain Old Documentation - file.   If you run the command
perldoc perlpod
you'll get a description of the file; it's a simple markup text file used within Perl for documentation that can easily be converted into other formats using utilities such as pod2html pod2latex and pod2text.  You can also look at the contents via
perldoc perllocal

I've not used the file (just looked at here in response to your question) and it looks like it contains details of modules added locally to your Perl installation;  I'm guessing it's going to updated by part of the
make install
script that's run as you install cpan modules (or your own modules if you've created them by h2xs).

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