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How to download files in Perl

Posted by padawanlinuxero (padawanlinuxero), 27 December 2007
Hello !!!!
I have a script that needs help, I need to display some files from a folder and be able to download them with a simple link, if the link is click then it must appear the Save As screen, but until now only I have been able to open the folder and view the files like links but I can not download them
this is the code unitl now:


use strict;
use CGI;

my $list = new CGI;

my $fileDir = "c:/files/err";
my @files;

opendir DIR, "$fileDir" or die "Can't open $fileDir $!";
   @files = grep { /\.(?:txt|zip|jpg|mp3|err|csv)$/i } readdir DIR;
closedir DIR;

print $list->header("text/html"),
     $list->start_html("Archivos in $fileDir"),
     $list->p("Estos son los archivos de $fileDir");

foreach my $file (@files) {
   print $list->p($list->a({-href=>$fileDir."/".$file},$file)
print $list->end_html;

Posted by KevinAD (KevinAD), 27 December 2007
The CGI module has support for what you are trying to do. Look for the -attachment and -type options in the CGI module documentation under the CREATING A STANDARD HTTP HEADER: section. If you have further questions post them.

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