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CHMOD a perl script created file

Posted by TedH (TedH), 5 June 2005
The blog script I'm working on does everything except CHMOD the small perl script used for adding a comment. It works a treat if I manually set the permission, but I need the file creation to do that.

The code seen is the sub routine which writes the script and shows the chmod code after closing the file. This chmod is straight out of the book.

# create new comment write script
sub newWrite {
# start
$thefile = "templates/";   # Template file
$filext = "pl";
$newwfile = "$thefolder/$kdate";
# variables for perl script write
$b="require \"../\"\;";
$c="\$cmfile \= \"$cmntbits.html\"\;";                    
$d="\$cmurl \= \"http\://$thefolder/$cmntbits.html\"\;";

open(FILE, "<$thefile" ) ;
close(FILE) ;

open(FILE, ">$newwfile".".$filext" );
 print FILE "$a\n$b\n$c\n$d\n$e\n";

### file is closed why doesn't it chmod???

# the chmod needs to have the ID number (date and time to the minute) of the entry in.
# This is record $kdate which is the ID extracted from
# the database specifically for this file's creation.
# the variable $newfile is folder and file
# The format of the chmod code is straight out of the book
# I've tried with and without quotes to no avail

chmod(0755, $newwfile);  ## the permission


No idea why it doesn't work - even tried full server path with no result.


cheers - Ted

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 6 June 2005
Some ideas:

a) chmod returns the number of files successfully changed - have you checked the returned value to see whether it thinks it has succeeeded or not?   How about all the other special variables that contain error statuses (they're a bit of a mess in Perl 5!)

b) What operating system are you using?   What version of Perl?  The number given as parameter to "chmod" is Unix / Linux based, and on other operating systems it does its best - the term "moral equivalent" is sometimes used ... but of course it can't set something that's impossible.

c) What user is your script running as?  If it's under the control of the web server, then it *may* be as a different user to the command line and the directory permissions may effect things

d) (just noticed this).  What's in your $filext variable?  Shouldn't it be appended on to the end of the file name in your chmod like it is in your open?  In fact -- try this first - I think it's the likely solution.

Posted by TedH (TedH), 7 June 2005
Duhhhh!! Well.......

Graham may take out his ruler and rap my knuckles..

..only forgot to have a letter or 2 on the perl script's name didn't I.

Put a couple letters before the $kdate bit and it worked a treat.

It's at

still a lot of things to do yet but at least I'm getting there.

- Ted

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 7 June 2005
All bugs ore obvious once you've found them  

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