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Microsoft windows - what version is running?

Posted by enquirer (enquirer), 28 September 2003
How do I find out things like the current version of Windows that I'm running from within a Perl program?

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 28 September 2003
The Win32 module that comes with the ActiveState distribution includes a lot of useful information ....

use Win32;

@bits = Win32::GetOSName();
print "Operating System:         $bits[0]\n";
print "Extra Information:        $bits[1]\n\n";

$timer = Win32::GetTickCount();
print "Milliseconds since boot:  $timer\n";

$who = Win32::LoginName();
print "Current User:             $who\n";

$drive = Win32::GetNextAvailDrive();
print "Next Available Drive:     $drive\n\n";

@fsinfo = Win32::FsType();
print "File System Type          $fsinfo[0]\n";
print "Maximum object name len:  $fsinfo[2]\n";
printf "Flags for file system:    %b\n",$fsinfo[1];

and here's the output from running that:

Operating System:         WinXP/.Net
Extra Information:        Service Pack 1

Milliseconds since boot:  43530153
Current User:             trainee
Next Available Drive:     E:

File System Type          NTFS
Maximum object name len:  255
Flags for file system:    1010000000011111111


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