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Perl / Database

Posted by dav (dav), 17 August 2004
Can you please tell me how to write a command line tool to read the name of a table and the name of a column in that table from the user. Then to print out the values in that column to the user. Note that $myvar = <STDIN>; reads a single line of text from the user.What built in classes should be used and what would they do?. it doesnt matter if all the perl syntax is not remembered, as i just need a general idea of how to do it.  

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 18 August 2004
You'll need the DBI and approapriate DBD classes from the CPAN - see  Rather than try to build in classes to support 000s of different databases, Perl uses its module system to allow developers of such build in classes to provide them to you via that site.

There's a sample program that opens, reads, writes tables, etc, at and that should help you start coding

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