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Writting a script to break a file

Posted by saleem (saleem), 3 June 2005

I have a long file, I want to split this file into several files.
Any one have some idea how this can be done:
this is what i want:

file 1:


I want to split this way:


and so on.

any help please.



Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 4 June 2005
I'm not sure what criteria you use to decide to finish one file and start the next ... but you probably want something like:

open (FHI,"file1");
open (FHO,">file1_1");
$outcount = 1;
while (<FHI>) {
    if (condition to see if new file needed) {
           open (FHO,">file1_$outcount);

Posted by saleem (saleem), 5 June 2005

Thank you for your reply.

I have this much working already, the problem is I want to break this file which has more than 500 lines.
Each line is almost same except there is a number changing in them.

So my problem is i want to put each two lines from this file into a seperate file.
If i try to put a loop this always gets only one line and put into another file. but how can make this to use 2 lines. this is how my lines look like:


I want to put:

in file1_1


in file1_2

and so on.

Thanks for your time.



Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 5 June 2005
Replace the text "condition to see if new file needed" in my original example with the condition that applies in your case - which is going to be something like


The words in my original were only an example - I couldn't write the complete code for you as you hadn't told me about the condition.   In any case, we're here to help with programming problems and not write complete solutions  

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