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Using Grep to search through an array ?

Posted by smithce (smithce), 21 July 2005

Not sure if I am barking mad   but I am trying I am trying to compare a value with the elements in an array. If the element matches I choose one course of action, if not another.

I am trying to use 'grep' to compare my variable with the elements in the array this possible ?

@released = qw(WP0028 WP001B);

if (grep /^$rel1$/, @released)
     print "Result = $rel1\n";

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 21 July 2005
That approach should work ... the grep function returns a list of all the matches and if you use it in a scalar content (such as within an if statement) then you'll get back the number of matches.

Translating your Perl into English:  "If the regular expession xxx matches any of the elements of the list @yyyyy, print that the result = xxxxx"

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