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Finding big files in or below a directory

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 17 October 2002
Here's a Perl program that reports (in size order) all big files in or below a number of directories specified on the command line.  Similar to the example that some of you may have seen on the Perl courses, but imporoved to look in hidden (dot) directories, and also improved so that it doesn't have problems with circular links

@queue = @ARGV;
while ($current = shift (@queue) ) {
       opendir DH,$current;
       @content = readdir DH;
       foreach $item (@content) {
               next if ($item =~ /^\.{1,2}$/);
               $fullname = "$current/$item";
               if (-l $fullname) { next; }
               if (-d $fullname) {
                       push @queue,$fullname;
               if (-s $fullname > 100000) {
                       $big{$fullname} = -s $fullname;
foreach $item (sort {$big{$b}<=>$big{$a}} keys %big) {
       printf ("%8d %s\n",$big{$item}, $item);

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