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first 2 words only!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by rick (rick), 11 November 2007
I want only the first 2 words from every line of a particular file and store them into a array.But every time I try to do it only the first 2 elements of 1st line are picked not every first 2 elements of every line.
I really dont know what is the problem with the code.plz advice

my code is:

#!usr/bin/perl -w
open(INFILE,"<c.txt") or die "cant open file:$!\n";
close INFILE;
@x= split(/\|/,$dna);
$stat= join(" ",@x[0..1]);

a line from the file is:
(this is just a example)

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 11 November 2007
You need to process each line of the data separatly - you're slurping the whole lot into a list, joining it together, and just pulling the first two elements off the whole.    Here's a modified sample doing the sort of thing you want:

while(<DATA>) {
       @parts = split(/\|/);
       $ln = join(" ",@parts[0,1]);
       print "$ln\n";
and so|on and|soforth

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