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Use Perl to create symlinks

Posted by YenTran (YenTran), 19 June 2005
I know that I can use Perl to create symlink using this code:

symlink "file1" "file1_link"
or warn "can't symlink file1 to file1_link: $!";

Please let me know how I can create the following:

1. create symlink to point to directories
2. create symlink to point to symlinks
3. create symlink to point to nowhere ( broken symlinks)

On #1, I tried to do the below:

link "file1_link" "/home/usr/testdir"
or warn "can't symlink file1 to file1_link: $!";

-if testdir exists, it will give error "can't link: File exists"
-if testdir doesn't exist, it will create a "testdir" file for the symlink to point to, not "testdir" directory, and I don't understand....

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 19 June 2005
Firstly, you're talking about symbolic links most of the way, then you provide an example that tried to produce a hard link.

Secondly, I think you may have the parameters the wrong way round. Your link command tells the system to create an object called /home/usr/testdir that's another name for file1_link, and I think you really want to do it the other way round - create a object called file1_link that points to /home/usr/testdir (or perhaps something in it??).

Having your parameters the wrong way round might be the cause of the unexpected results.

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