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date of the last added Link

Posted by torriv (torriv), 6 August 2007

I have a little problem that my code will not give me the right date. it only gives me: 1/1/1970

the code is:

include "admin/connect.php";
include "admin/var.php";
//main module for chipmunk FFAL script
 $getcatlink="SELECT * from ffal_categories where ID='$ID'";
 $getcatlink2=mysql_query($getcatlink) or die("Could not get catname");
 print "<A href='index.php'>Hjem</a>--><A href='index.php?catid=".$getcatlink3['ID']."'>".$getcatlink3['catname'] ."</a><br><br>";
 print "<center><h3> .:". $getcatlink3['catname'] ."</h3></center>";
 print "<center><A href='addlink.php'>Legg til en link</a></center><br><br>";
 $getlinks="SELECT * from ffal_links where catparent='$ID' limit $numlinks";
 $getlinks2=mysql_query($getlinks) or die(mysql_error());
   $getlinks3[description]=wordwrap($getlinks3[description], 25, "\n", 1);
     print "<center>";
   print "<A href='".$getlinks3['url']."' target='_blank'>".$getlinks3['title']."</a> - ";

        print $getlinks3['Description']."<br>------------------------------------------------------------ <br>";

 $getcategories="SELECT * from ffal_categories";
 $getcategories2=mysql_query($getcategories) or die(mysql_error());

$catparent="select catparent from ffal_links";
$catparent2=mysql_query($catparent) or die("funker dårlig");
print "<table border='0' cellspacing='10' align='center'>";
print "<tr><td colspan='2'><center><h3>Linker</h3></center><br><center>Det er $catparent3 Linker registrert</center></td></tr>";
while($getcategories3=mysql_fetch_array($getcategories2)) {
      $siste_link= mysql_query("SELECT time FROM `ffal_links` WHERE catparent = " . $getcategories3['ID'] ."");
      $siste_link1 = mysql_fetch_array($siste_link);
      $siste_link3 = date("j/n/Y",$siste_link1);
      $catparent="select catparent from ffal_links WHERE catparent=" . $getcategories3['ID'];
      $catparent2=mysql_query($catparent) or die("funker dårlig");
          if($count%2==0) {
                print "<tr><td><A href='index.php?catid=" . $getcategories3['ID']."'><b>".$getcategories3['catname']."</b></a> <br>Antall - ($catparent3) <br> Siste lagt til: ";
                if (mysql_num_rows($siste_link) == 0) print "Ingen.";
                else print $siste_link3;
                print "<br></td>";
          } else {
                print "<td><A href='index.php?catid=".$getcategories3['ID']."'><b>".$getcategories3['catname']."</b></a> <br>Antall - ($catparent3)<br> Siste lagt til: ";
                if (mysql_num_rows($siste_link) == 0) print "Ingen.";
                else print $siste_link3;
                print "<br></td>";
 print "<tr><td colspan='2'><center><A href='addlink.php'>Legg til en link</a></center></td></tr>";
 print "</table>";
include 'critical.php';

siste_link is the norwegian word for last link..

can you see any obvious error?

adress to the page is:

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 7 August 2007
mysql_fetch_array returns an array.  Try replacing      
$siste_link1 = mysql_fetch_array($siste_link);
$siste_link3 = date("j/n/Y",$siste_link1);

$siste_link1 = mysql_fetch_array($siste_link);
$siste_link3 = date("j/n/Y",$siste_link1[0]);

Posted by torriv (torriv), 7 August 2007
yes! that worked!

can you tell me a little about what [0] does?

Thank you very much again!

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