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Extracting html form input elements

Posted by millisami (millisami), 30 April 2006
This is the html page which is stored in $content variable. (Its only a snippet of the overall html page)
<input name=".intl" value="us" type="hidden">
   <input name=".bypass" value="" type="hidden">
   <input name=".partner" value="" type="hidden">
   <input name=".u" value="44q6bst25a559" type="hidden">
<input name=".v" value="0" type="hidden">

The following is the code I'm using. I want it to put all the value of attributes, i.e. for this example, value of name and value attributes to $matches array. The above input html contents plus other contents are stored in $content variable.
preg_match_all('/<input name="([^"]*)" value="([^"]*)" type="hidden" >/', $content, $matches);

And when I do the var_dump($matches), its empty.
Could you please suggest me a way out how to alter the pattern to get the desired result for me.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 1 May 2006
I'm confused as to whether you're setting up a PHP page with variables to be filled in, or trying to extract fields being returned.

If filling in, preg_match only matches - use something like preg_replace.   If extracting, use the $_REQUEST superglobal variable to pick up the values.

As a side thought, it's not good practise to have a lot of hidden fileds in your form - it  makes the pages long and you leave yourself open to users editing the HTML and submitting forged data - for example to changing a price. Have a look at sessions and use a single hidden value and the initial question become irellevant too.

Have a look at the session demo at and the preg_replace at the end of it

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