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Refreshing a page with PHP

Posted by FloppyShoe (FloppyShoe), 2 March 2004
Hi everyone.  I am a relative newbiw to the world of PHP and programming in general.

I am writing a page that shows the date (and sometimes the time) on a page and my question is this :
Is there a way I can get the page to refresh itself, say every hour or so, so that if someone leaves the page open over-night, it will display the current date when they come back to the computer the following day rather than still displaying the date of the previous day.

I hope that makes sense and more importantly that someone will be able to help!!

Many thanks in advance,


Posted by Chris_Isaac (Chris Isaac), 2 March 2004

if you use the following at the top of the script it will force the browser to reload the page rather than use a cached copy:


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 2 March 2004
I've put up a demo page at   The source code of the page is:

<title>This is a clock page</title>
<<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="60; URL=clockpage.php4">
<h1>This clock page refreshes every minute</h1>
It is now <?php print(date("H:i o\\n l, j F Y")) ?>
Graham Ellis, <?php print (date ("Y")); ?>

Our server is in West Coast USA, so the report is Pacific time; you can vary that and should do so to suit the timezone of most of your users.

Chris's header shouldn't be necessary on a PHP page if the server is properly set up (but it would do no harm).  On an HTML page that you change frequently, it could be a good addition.

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