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Pulling data from a mySql table

Posted by Chris_Isaac (Chris Isaac), 5 August 2003

I want to be able to pull off and print the colum names and values from a mysql table.  The program below gets the data out, but I have no way of being able to tell from the output what the colums was called.  The other problem is I have to tell it the number of colums to grab.  

Is there a way of grabing the entire row of values /column names straight into an array?  I did try substituting mysql_fetch_array for mysql_fetch_row, but it made no difference.



include ("/usr/home/");

     $q = "Select * from hotel,locations where hotel.location =      and hid = $_GET[hid]";
     $res = mysql_query($q);
           while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($res)){

foreach ($data as $current){
           print "data is $current<br>";


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 5 August 2003
Mysql_fetch_assoc will return you an array of values for a row, with the elements keyed by the name of the field.  You can then use array_keys, array_walk, each, or something similar to step through each element.

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