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I cannot access MySQL from PHP

Posted by enquirer (enquirer), 23 July 2002
Our system administrator has set up a [MySQL] database for us.  I can connect to it through the ssh terminal window or telnet, using the following command, as suggested by him:
       mysql -h localhost --socket=/tmp/mysql.sock2 -u myname -p
followed by ENTER, and then my password. Then I can "use" my database, run SQL commands, create a table, insert a record etc.

However I have been unable to connect to it in PHP.

I have tried this code
       $dbh = mysql_connect("localhost", "myname", "xxxxxxxx") or die ("Cannot connect to db");
(where the x's are my password) and this which was suggested by the administrator:
       $link = @mysql_connect("localhost", "myname", "xxxxxxxx") or exit();
With or without the @, it does not work.

Have you got any suggestions?

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 23 July 2002
Your PHP code doesn't make any reference to the socket, so it's assuming the default MySQL socket.  All that adding the "@" character does is tell PHP to ignore any errors in the function.

dbh = mysql_connect("localhost:/tmp/mysql.sock2", "myname", "xxxxxxxx")

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