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Posted by lionel (lionel), 9 November 2004
name temporarily removed by moderator, the global service marketplace for knowledge workers, where you can post your own project free of charge and receive bids from a global pool of highly-qualified service providers.

For knowledge workers, this is the place to earn money with your skills. For business owners, this is the place to increase productivity cheaply and efficiently through outsourcing.

We offer the best deal of all outsourcing job sites.

Zero sign-up fee.

Zero commission.

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URL temporarily removed by moderator

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 9 November 2004
Hi, Lionel.

This looks very much like an advert for a pretty generealised site - I'm tempted to describe it as a "spam posting" of the sort that have become the bain of my life on places like the Horse's Mouth.

In the past, we have welcomed posts here from people who are looking to have a specific contract job done, and we'll continue to do so. People are typically polite and ask if they may make such an advertising post ahead of time.  Your message, however, was posted "out of the blue".

Please follow up, send me a p.m. or email me to let me know how your post is particularly relevant here and how it relates to the purpose of this board.  I'll revisit this thread and make a further posting tomorrow if we haven't heard more from you.


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 10 November 2004
Hi, I'm revisiting this thread 24 hours later and not a word from Lionel.   Looks like a "hit and run" post .... can't say I'm surprised.

I certainly wouldn't use the services of the site Lionel was advertising if the site operator / advertiser is going to be disxourteous and unresponsive, nor could I recommend his services to others in any way.  I've therefore removed his link and name from his original post as I see no reason to provide him with free advertising.

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