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Do you find OpenTalk helpful?

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 26 February 2005
If you find OpenTalk helpful, then you're very welcome to add a link to your web site that points to us.  Please use the URL as that means that newcomers will be taken to the forum's introduction pages so that they can read a little about us before they post.

You're very welcome to put a logo link in if you prefer - if you simple cut and paste the following block into you web site:

<a href="">
<img src=""
alt="Well House Consultants" border="0"/></a>

Then your site visitors will see:

and clicking the picture will bring your user to the front page of this forum.

A big Thank you if you add a link. We're providers of specialist training and services and greatly appreciate your assistance in getting the word about us out.

Posted by SonnyZA (SonnyZA), 27 February 2005

If I may humbly suggest something else. Is it possible to change the forum and Well house conssultants pictures? At the moment they're the same, and just maybe ppl will think it's the same link, thus clicking on only one, and the other being left behind.

I already started to link it on my sites.

On one place I have a forum, started today, which is difficult to get pictures in there. It's e-blah, much like yabb, but i think with much more feartures and also written in perl.

But, I have boards where ppl can link sites and talk about sites. I'm planning not only to link this forum and wellhouse, but to have a place where ppl gets redirected to this forum as well as well house.


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 28 February 2005
Hi, Wynand ... thanks for the suggestion (and all the link/ offers too).  Lisa and I talked about the best way to do this over the weekend, and felt that a single logo / link bearing our name would be most appropriate, as it would concentrate any "brand awareness" generated into a single look-and-feel.

And ... even one link in an area / page / site is great, thanks; two would be just plain greedy in our part  

Posted by SonnyZA (SonnyZA), 28 February 2005

Ok, then what I will do, is put both links on my site, but on different pages. That way it,s evenly divided and has an even chance to be clicked.

On those places where i can't get an image to fit properly, I'll make sure to do a nice text link.

Once again, I do thank you for your support and friendliness towards me and others.

God bless


Posted by John_Moylan (jfp), 28 February 2005
Hello Graham

Is there an RSS feed of the latest Q&A for this forum?


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 28 February 2005
Not at the moment ...

We're planning to switch / upgrade to SMF sometime this Spring, and that does offer such a feed.

Posted by SonnyZA (SonnyZA), 1 March 2005

To udate so far. My web site is updated with the links. I've linked 4 different links, one on each page (except one page)

If you like you can have a look and tell me if you approve...size etc.

I'm starting slowly but surely with the others.


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 1 March 2005
Looks lovely, Thank you ...

Posted by meanroy (meanroy), 26 August 2005
I thought it appropriate that I make my first post here since it's in the nature of a "thanks".
I found a very nice solution to a problem I needed to solve in your archives.
The problem was that I had a long file of addresses of the form http://blahblahblah?somename which had an unknown no. of duplicates, not sorted in any way..
The solution I found here did the job nicely.
my %uniques;

foreach my $key(@array_of_lines){


I am a beginner at Perl (~1 month) and this saved me a long learning curve.
I've worked my way (mostly) through "Learning Perl", studied enough of "Perl & LWP" to be dangerous, and fall asleep nightly reading the "Camel book".
My first great adventure in Perl is an AntiSpamBot for a particular Wiki. A daunting task for sure, but I've made good progress and actually have some scripts running.
Perl is the most powerful language I have ever worked with, also quite confusing at times.

(Although I am a beginner at Perl, I programmed my first computer, a CDC160A, in machine language in 1964. Doesn't mean I have a clue what I'm doing though.)

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 26 August 2005
Roy, I hugely appreciate your post, thanks ... the occasional comment like this makes it all feel worthwhile.

The modern open source languages that I'm concerned with (Perl, PHP, Python and Tcl/Tk) are like nothing we had 30 years ago (my experience is not quite as long as yours!) and I say to folks that you can write code in a day in /P[[:alpha:]]+/  that would take a week in C or Fortran ... and I drear to think how long is assember!

Spam filters are great fun .... we're using an "overfilter" that I wrote for our mail system here, but with Spamassasin as the main engine (I prefer not to have to re-invent the wheel!) ... and the "interesting" part seems to be how to idenify borderlione cases to avoid too many fail-wrong (i.e. throw away a good message) failures while at the same time not letting 80% of the spam through.

Please do search of post any follow ups here or on the Perl board ... happy to help to the best of my abaility if you've a Perl question, even if it's not one that I've answered previously.

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