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Different versions and importing a text file

Posted by jill (jill), 31 October 2002
We have two web servers, one for development only, and the other is the live server.  Ideally they would have exactly the same software, but as it happens they don't.  I have been told that the development server is running mysql v 3.23.44 whereas the live server is running 3.23.32.

We update the mysql database by importing a text file.  On the dev server when we import the file and count the records there is always an extra one, a blank record right at the end.  When we import the same text file to the live server, the record count is correct and there is no blank record at the end.

The way I do the import is with an insert into command.

The later version of the software is the one which adds the blank record, so any ideas about why the difference and anything I should do to avoid adding the blank record would be very welcome.


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 1 November 2002
Hmm.   Is there a blank line on the start or end of the text file by any chance?  If so, any way to strip it off?  Forgive me starting at basics.

If that's not a solution, another work around might simply be to add a "delete where somefield = "" " onto the end of your import script - I really think that would be easier than looking for the difference in the versions, especially as it might turn out that the later version is the one that's technically doing the right thing for some reason.

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